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Excel Graphical Process Map

Download : Downloads/ExcelGPM/MJC_ExcelGraphicalProcessMap.xlsm

Languages : Excel/VBA

Status : Beta


This proof of concept tool can be used to generate a process map. A user can define a Data Model matrix specifiying the input shapes, poistion, names and the code generates a map based on this data.

I have left the VBA open for inspection.  Please note it is not finished and is a proof of concept tool.

How to use it:

Open the attached excel file.

1 - Complete the Data Model Matrix

2 - Navigate to the Model sheet and click the 'Generate Map' button.

 Screen Shots:

Process Map Sheet:

Input Matrix:

To Do:

Get feedback on the tool.


Excel, VBA, macro, matrix, msoShape, worksheet, spreadsheet, process, map, generate, shape, on, fly, 97, 2010, 2007, locked, cells, sheet, workbook.



This was developed for my own benefit and for fun.  It is not a commercial product and have not been thoroughly tested etc.

Jan 2013

copyright (Disclaimer)